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Welcome to my 11 laws of the universe blog! Here I will be sharing information about the law of attraction and 10 other unknown laws of the universe. I will also be reviewing different products, sharing videos and of course giving away free e-books! i don’t know about you, but I’m really excited about the things that are coming! Stay with me, cause what you’re about to witness will trully be a great adventure.


Step 3: Get Clear

The third step in getting what you really want is “Getting Clear”. So how does this work? Let’s look at an analogy.

Imagine having 100 units of strength. Now, you have to cross over 101 meters. With each passing meter you lose an unit of strength because of Inner Conflict. If you reach 0, you can’t move, and you have to forfeit your journey. So, by the time you are going to reach the 100 meter, you are going to be out of power, and you won’t be able to complete your journey.

The same thing is applicable to you inner conflict, inner blocks or call it what ever, but the best way to describe it is usually “contraction”. So what are these? Simply put, they are blocks or sensations that prevent you from having what you really want! The so called land mines toward your goals. They’ll set you back as many times as it takes for you to eventually fail. Just in case if you’re wondering how, well feelings like boredom, apathy, lust, fear, anger and pride are among them.


The good news is that you can clear them easily using different clearing techniques. But for now, please identify what holds you back. Think of the things you want, and then on a piece of paper write them down. For now, just have fun. In the upcoming posts I will review all of the clearing techniques I know. Stay tuned.

Step 2: Know what you want!

Bob Proctor has an interesting motto: “If you tell me what you want, I can show you how to get it!”. This simple phrase is so simple, yet so overlooked by many people that it’s shocking.


Ever took a journey? My guess is that you did, even if this journey was just to get a can of soda from your local market. So here’s a quick question: What are the 2 most essential steps in getting to your destination? Think for 1 sec, and then read below.


So here are the 2 steps: you must know where you are and you must know where you’re going. In the previous post we talked knowing where you are, and now we are going to talk about where we are going.

Why do we need this? Well, the truth is simple actually. If you want to have something, you first must know what to have. Sounds simple? Don’t be deceived….. the truth is 95% of worlds population don’t know what they want. If you ask them, they’ll tell you exactly, detail by detail what they don’t want, what they want to avoid, control, change, but what they do want is a bit of a problem. Now, imagine the following situation: you are in New York and you take a cab. The driver asks you where to go, and you tell him. “Please don’t take me to Wall Street”. The driver replies to you “Yes sir, I understand, but still where do you want to go”. And you reply to him: “Please don’t take me to the Statue of Liberty”.  See my point? No matter what you tell the driver, the fact is that you are standing still.


Know, how does this all apply to our life? Simple. We think that we know what we want, but in reality, it’s just a list of “Don’t wants and to Avoids”. Here are some classical examples.

I don’t want to hate him/her.

I don’t want to get fat, again.

I don’t want to get fired.


So why don’t these statements work? The answer is really simple: the mind doesn’t translate don’ts and nots. So if the mind doesn’t translate negations, how do the above statements sound?


I  want to hate him/her.

I  want to get fat, again.

I  want to get fired.


Yup, this is exactly the way our mind hears this messages. And judging that the mind is a creative instrument, it’s not hard to guess what a life this person is going to have.


So here is the correct way to list the above statements.


I don’t want to hate him/her.——–> I allow myself to love him/her.

I don’t want to get fat, again.———-> I allow myself to have a healthy and fit body.

I don’t want to get fired.——–> I allow myself to have a job I enjoy.


Simple right? Well, all the truth is simple.


One more thing. I used “allow” to lower the resistance coming from the mind. Try it yourself. Word a goal “I have” and then word it using “allow”. You’ll be amazed  at the difference.

Meanwhile, have fun, experiment with your goals. 2011 is around the corner so you already have tool that can make a bit brighter 🙂

Happy New Year!



Yup, just like the title says. But wait, shouldn’t we be all really positive and focus on the positive, just like we are recommended by the teachers who stared in “The Secret”?


Well, you see, the thing is, even though you focus on the positive, it doesn’t mean that the negative disappears. Also it is to be noted, that before adressing a problem we must recognize its existence. For example: you can’t cure an addict who doesn’t recognize that he is one, you can’t cure an alcoholic if he doesn’t recognize  that he is one. Simply put, if you don’t know what are your problems how are you going to solve them?


Also this step will be as a spring board for Step 2 “Know what you do want”, as we will be trasforming the negative tenses into positve ones.


For now, please just wright all the things that you hate, would like to disappear, change, push, force in your life. Write them on a sheet of paper and be open with yourself. We are talking about your life here, the more open you are, the better.

Not so long ago, I read a book by Joe Vitale entitled “The Attractor Factor”. It is an interesting book about the 5 steps of creation. Yes, using these 5 simple steps you can get anything you truly desire.

So here are the 5 steps:

Step 1–  Know what you don’t want


Step 2Choose what you do want


Step 3 Get Clear


Step 4Nevillize your goal


Step 5Let go and let it happen


I’ll be stopping on each of these steps in detail in my next posts. A good day to all of you.

Map of Reality

So you’ve read! Map of Reality. In my previous post I mentioned it briefly, but what is a map of reality in a more detailed sense?

Simply put, a map o reality is a combination of all your beliefs. Now, here comes the most interesting part. We all have map of realities, but how do they actually impact our lives? Let’s see

Ever wondered why 2 people who watch the same movie have different opinions? IN general, why people have opinions? We thinks that it’s natural and all, but ever asked yourself why?

The answer is quiet simple: Map of Reality

Here are some principles which shape and form of each map of every single individual.

Principle nb. 1– It’s impossible to meet 2 people with the same map of reality. Why? Well, let me give you a clue. Ever heard a classic song? My guess is that you did. Now here is my second question. Did you hear 2 identical classic songs from 2 different composers? Guess not. And here is another clue. There are only 7 basic musical notes available, yet there are 100,000’s songs out there that are not the same. Where does this all come together?

Simply put, the notes represent your beliefs. Now imagine one thing, there are 100 if not 1000 of beliefs out there. So the math is simple, if 7 notes create 100,000 totally unique songs, now imagine what 1000 beliefs would do. The thing is, out of 6 billion people, you won’t be able to find 2 that have the same map of reality.


Principle nb.2– The map of reality is like an invisible barrier. You can’t go higher than it. What does this mean? Well, imagine the following scenario. You want to make 10,000$ a month, but if you have a map of reality that allows you to make only 2000$ per month you are not going to get really far. Trust me. You will be programed just like a robot to receive ideas or take actions worth 2000$ a month. From time to time you will receive a huge idea, but again, your map of reality is going to block it using auto-sabotage. So if you’re not going to change your map of reality you aren’t going to get really far in life. Yet, we’ll talk about this, next time.


These are the 2 basic principles which govern our thinking or our map of reality. So to summarize:

1. You won’t be able to find 2 identical maps of reality. This is the reason why there are 1001 opinions available on every subject.

2. Our map of reality is our ceiling. It limits us. Want higher grounds? Install a higher ceiling!

LOA or Law of Attraction, probably the most popular term in the self help industry. You’ve heard it everywhere: in the Secret and Beyond the Secret…from different authors like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, John Assaraff, Mike Dooley. And yet, something is not right here. Just think for 1 second. If everyone knows this law, shouldn’t we all now be attracting millions, living in penthouses and just having the life of our dreams, and yet somehow all this stuff eludes us? Ever wondered why?

Well, here are the classical reasons:
Reason 1:
Not taking action– at first glance this looks like believable reason, but if you look closer you’ll see that there are some sticking points. For example, I know people who work all day and take action, and yet they are still were they are.

Reason 2:
Lack of Motivation– a classic reason. We tend to fight it, pump it, or a lot of interesting things, but the thing we fail to see here is that motivation is just a compliment to a bigger picture. We call it map of reality.

So what is a “Map of Reality“?
The map of reality is actually your central core where all your beliefs live. Imagine this…. Your map of reality is where you decide what energy levels you have, how you behave in certain situations, what your prosperity coefficient is… and in a shorter way. What your life looks like. As you can clearly see, this is our programming, and depending on it, we get what we get, be it cars, boats or just simple nuts 😀

Be posting soon! Please leave a comment!

I’m back

Hey people! After 1 year of vacation I decided to return. Learned some new stuff and will be really happy to share! So stay tunned, cause you’re in a for one heck of a ride!